Sir Boingers

And the Quest for Cupcakes

You're a knight who has to go and collect cupcakes on his ceaselessly bouncing bird. It's an arcade-like platforming experience with arcade-like difficulty.

Now, this was already a complete game (more or less). It was made for Radnen's just-for-fun retro game competition in 2010. An improved alpha version was also developed up until 2012.

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Download version 2.1.1 (Windows, Linux)

Older versions
version 2.1
version 2.0 alpha
version 1.0 (compo version)

Gameplay video




Vincent Beers (DaVince) - Game design, new tile graphics, coding, music, maps
Chris Crawford - Game design, old tile graphics, sprite graphics, old maps

Uses the Joystix and Andale Mono fonts.
Made using the Sphere game engine.

Sir Boingers Copyright (C) Tengu, 2010-1012